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What is Love?

The Bible tells us that love is when a man lays down his life for his brother. The greatest demonstration of this was seen through the crucifixion of Christ. God sent His ONLY BEGOTTEN SON to die for us even while we were still rejecting him.
Jesus throughout his ministry emphasised a lot on this, with examples such as,  “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.” (Matt.5:44)
BUT how many of us really understand what that means? Many of us still allow our flesh to react first, and we lash out. Do we ever feel as if we are making God look bad when we allow others to see us in a way that doesn’t reflect the God in us? We are called to be the salt of the earth and that means we are to be the ones who make everything better.
If we never strive to walk in the Spirit of God-meaning to reject the ways of the flesh, we will never grow beyond babies in Christ. Ephesian 5 and 6 gives us examples of …
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Predestined Love Available for FREE on all Amazon stores for this month only

Hello to all my lovely friends here. I want to celebrate with you my #FREE promotion for my book-Predestined Love, WHICH IS free in most Amazon market stores and even Kobo. If you download my book and like it enough to subscribe to my website, there is another of my books available to you for FREE. I am doing this to build my mailing list to help launch my next book to be released hopefully in July 2018. The downloads are going so well that my book was rank #497 overall in the Amazon free store last week and these were the rankings in the other categories below. I invite you to get a copy and if you really enjoyed it, I would be so honoured if you left a review so others can enjoy it too.

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New Book Release - Where My Heart Belongs

GENRE: Christian Fiction Romance NEW RELEASE: Where My Heart Belongs

Love guided them to precisely what they needed—each other.

From the moment Tyler Bradshaw first lays eyes on Madison Kanate, it’s a dream come true. She is everything he wants, yet everything he feels he cannot have. He is determined to keep his distance, but he can’t, not with the love she offers him. They become the best of friends. That works flawlessly, until she wants more….
That was seven years ago.
Madison has come a long way since falling apart at any reminder of Tyler. He had left her questioning God’s plan for her life, and uncertain of how to move forward. Eventually, she takes charge of her life, putting memories of Tyler to rest with a successful interior design business, along with many charitable projects. Anything else, especially love, ranks a distant second.
Tyler and Madison reunite through the shenanigan of Mason, Madison’s twin brother. Tyler wishes he could change the past… but life does not …

Are we as parents standing for our kids as God command us?

THE PRODIGAL SON (Luke 15:11-32)
Have you ever look at this story from the father’s perspective? Most of us grew up thinking about this story from the son’s perspective, seeing his ambitions of want to see the world and going to explore it. Two days ago, I saw a video on YouTube about a woman accusing Katy Perry’s father for him being responsible for his daughter leading millions to hell, including her son and that story came to mind. I found myself thinking about the father’s role in the Prodigal Son’s Story and what it means for us as parents.
When the son came to his father asking for his inheritance, the Bible didn’t say that the father refused to give him, because he wanted to protect his son from what’s out there; what the father did was divided everything and gave his son his portion and watched him leave.
As a meditated deeper on this, this is what the Holy Spirit helped me see: 

·Christian parents are commanded by God to raise their kids, right- meaning to teach them about him and…

Blog Tour Schedule for The Path of the Chosen Warriors

Come and join me on my book tour on each of these blogs. I look forward to seeing you there and hope you enjoy my presentation. It's my first blog tour and I'm excited about it. Invite your friends to come along too and be active leave comments and let me hear from you.

The tour is almost over and I just want to stop now and say thank you to everyone that stopped by and got to know a bit about me. I hope now you will go out and get a copy of this suspenseful thriller.

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Billy Graham's Last Message to America & the World...listen carefully...

William Murphy - Everlasting God (Audio)

I found this song on a friends page just now and wanted to share with anyone who needs a spiritual upliftment. God is worthy of our praise. Bless you, all and serve the Lord with your lives, it's about him.