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Another chance to WIN a copy of A SHATTERED LIFE RESTORED

Hello everyone, I believe in this book so much and its power to heal broken hearts and hurting spirits, that I want to do another giveaway and hope in doing so you can help me reach as man person as possible. This giveaway end 14thOctober, 2018, so get your entries in.
Meg sat staring out the window of Olivier’s car for the duration of the drive to the cemetery. Her silence kept him glancing back and forth at her with a worrisome look on his face. Not even a sob escaped her lips, and the heavy breathing he observed from her chest made him wonder what was going through her mind.
The cemetery was fifteen minutes away from Jeanne’s house, and the environment was quiet and peaceful. When Olivier stopped the car and turned off the ignition, Meg turned to look at him. Her eyes were watery, and one blink would cause the tears to start flowing. He was not sure what he could say to make her feel better— he wasn’t sure of what was sa…

How to use the Blood of Jesus?

This morning the Lord gave me a vision and I had to share with everyone. I have always been able to see victory in my dreams fighting against spiritual forces. Sometimes I wonder how I know what to do, but somehow I always do and I what I learned in those dreams, I then apply to my life in the physical realm.
It’s not the first time I dreamed, seeing myself using the blood of Jesus and each time it’s always the same way. When I do it acts as a barrier against any force behind it—they can’t get past it even when it’s an open space.
I want to tell you what I dreamed last night and hope that from now on, anyone who never knew how to use the Blood of Jesus will do now and start to apply it.
In my dream, I saw myself and another relative near the back door in a panic to close it as a large group of toads were trying to get inside the house ( in dreams, frog or toad are not good). One even did and I grabbed the broom and knocked him out. We then got a piece of aluminium sheet to bar inside the…


Come and celebrate the release of my Christian Inspirational Romance—A Shattered Life Restored. 

For those of you had not gotten the chance to check out the first chapter here is the link to do so.

I am super excited and grateful for all your love and support. The book's price will be discounted to $2.99 from the day of the launch until 5th October and then go up to $4.99.

Also, lots of giveaways as well, so good luck to everyone and I look forward to our interactions. I will also have a Q& A section to anyone who wants to ask me any questions.

The venue for the party is at A Shattered Life Restored Launch Party Celebration, at1pm eastern. Stop by and join the group and take part in all the fun.

Cover Reveal for A Shattered Life Restored

Hello everyone, what do you think of the cover for my new book- A Shattered Life Restored, soon to release? 
I am hoping to release it for my birthday end of August. It's a story dear to my heart and I would love to share this story with as many people who would sign up to my website and join the launch team. 

I have added the first chapter of this book on my website to give you an insight into the story and hope it will encourage you to subscribe, hopefully, to join the launch team.

                            My soon to be released book- A Shattered Life Restored.

Are you starving your Spirit-man?

Three days ago I decided I needed to do a dry fast – that means no food or drink for the entire day. I wanted to do for three days. I had done it once before a few years ago and did with no problem. However, some months ago I tried again and ended up breaking it half-way through.
This time I prayed and asked the Lord to help me get through it one day at a time. I did my usually praying and reading the word, sing worship songs during the day. At about 9 pm I felt really weak, throat dry and headache and although I really wanted to even finish that day, I failed. However, I found myself standing in front of the mirror and asking God these questions that night.   ·If I don’t eat for a day and my body feels like this, how does my spirit feels when I fail to feed it?·Headaches, sore throat, dizziness and even tiredness are some of the symptoms one usually feels when they embark on fasting.·What are the symptoms you experience when your Spirit-man is not getting fed?  
First, I compared our S…

What is Love?

The Bible tells us that love is when a man lays down his life for his brother. The greatest demonstration of this was seen through the crucifixion of Christ. God sent His ONLY BEGOTTEN SON to die for us even while we were still rejecting him.
Jesus throughout his ministry emphasised a lot on this, with examples such as,  “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.” (Matt.5:44)
BUT how many of us really understand what that means? Many of us still allow our flesh to react first, and we lash out. Do we ever feel as if we are making God look bad when we allow others to see us in a way that doesn’t reflect the God in us? We are called to be the salt of the earth and that means we are to be the ones who make everything better.
If we never strive to walk in the Spirit of God-meaning to reject the ways of the flesh, we will never grow beyond babies in Christ. Ephesian 5 and 6 gives us examples of …